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Celebrate Research Week | March 7-14, 2009
Celebrate Research Week is a showcase of UBC Okanagan research excellence, presenting cutting-edge findings on diverse and compelling topics. Universities are the rare institutions where research is valued for its own sake, and where researchers have the freedom to pursue any question. Through research, UBC Okanagan is able to have a wide-ranging and important impact on the world, affecting everything from cultural and social understanding to the prevention and treatment of disease.

Managing lifestyle for better health: Choices that impact our physical and mental well-being
Chronic health problems like obesity, heart disease and depression are at alarming levels. A panel of top experts in human kinetics, stress, mental health and diet share their research and ideas for leading a long, healthy life.

Date: Monday, March 9
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Kelowna Community Theatre, 1375 Water Street, Kelowna, BC
Registration: register online for this event

Film screening: She's a Boy I Knew
Enjoy a screening and panel discussion of the internationally acclaimed documentary She's a Boy I Knew. Writer and director Gwen Haworth joins experts from UBC Okanagan's Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies for an inside look at the documentary exploring the filmmaker's transition from biological male to female.

Date: Tuesday, March 10
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Fipke Centre lecture theatre, FIP204
Registration: register online for this event

These events are free and open to the public but pre-registration is required.

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Lunchtime Feature Presentations

From March 7 to 14, Celebrate Research Week presents the following lunchtime features:

  • "The Immigrants are coming!" -- Breaking the myths about immigrants, and exploring what research tells us about immigrants in Canada
  • Secrets and lies: a look at the facial expressions and body language that accompany emotional and high-stakes lies
  • The cycle of star formation
  • Men's health: minds, bodies and masculine ideals
  • Media, culture and technology: contemporary manifestations of crime, deviance and social control

Read more about Celebrate Research Week's Lunchtime Feature Presentations...

Gymnasium use way up -- 10,000 users in January alone
Last October, the weight room in UBC Okanagan's Gymnasium was equipped with new Free Motion machines. During November and December gym memberships continued to be bought and, perhaps more important, they're being used, reports the Athletics and Recreation Department.

Gym use is at record numbers with about 10,000 users recorded in the month of January alone. In addition, but not included in those numbers, intramural basketball, volleyball, and futsal (indoor soccer) and varsity team practices are all underway.

Students, staff and faculty are finding the gymnasium an uplifting stress reliever from the cold winter blues. Whether it be the cardio area, weight room, or a friendly game of badminton, there are lots of new and returning users in gym. Everyone's invited for a (free) walk around the upper track, drop-in volleyball, yoga, weight room orientation and more. Gym memberships are only $20 (students), $45 (staff and faculty) until the end of April exams. Or, try it for the day for $3.

For more information visit the Athletics & Recreation website.

Campus Life looks to Save the World
As members of an academic community, UBC Okanagan students, faculty and staff are constantly making discoveries and finding tools that make a difference and could save the world.

From March 23 to 27 in the Fipke Centre foyer, Campus Life is putting on Save the World -- a showcase of global issues with an extensive list of information and proposed solutions. Each problem presented at Save the World is accompanied by how, why, where and what we can do as individuals to build a solution. Not everyone has money to donate but many individuals have skills and time to contribute -- at Save the World the campus community will have the opportunity to view an A-to-Z gallery of world issues, choose some to act upon and leave with a very concrete way to help.

Campus Life is looking for interested individuals to contribute to the gallery of issues, and help provide solutions. Complete the Save the World Contribution Form  and submit to Brianne Nettelfield by Friday, March 6, or drop off the completed form at the Campus Activities Desk in the Student Service Centre foyer.

UBC Okanagan's Minds and Movies adds expert insight to film appreciation
We all know how to watch movies. But have you ever considered why movies can be so effective?

The new Friday-evening Minds and Movies Series at UBC Okanagan is intended to build a deeper appreciation for the art of movie-making and the pleasures of movie viewing as participants journey through a selection of motion pictures from around the world.

Presented by the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, the adult, non-credit Minds and Movies Series from Mar. 6 to Apr. 3 offers movie buffs an opportunity to explore a diverse selection of foreign films - English subtitles included - alongside an expert in the cultural field.


Flu or Norovirus -- it's the season
Flu and cold season is underway, and while there have been a few cases of "stomach flu" (Norovirus) from the campus community, the situation is being managed. Noroviruses are a group of viruses that cause acute gastroenteritis, also known as stomach flu or winter vomiting disease -- this is not influenza or the flu, which is a respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus.

The key to preventing Norovirus illness or reducing it from spreading is hand washing, especially after using the toilet, changing diapers or before eating or preparing food. Proper hand washing requires warm running water, soap and cleansing of the hands for about 30 seconds.

If you have any questions about Norovirus or other health concerns, contact the Wellness Centre (SSC 006, downstairs) at 79270 or e-mail campushealth.ubco@ubc.ca.

The B.C. HealthGuide website also has more information about Norovirus.

Food Exchange donor reception gives thanks to campus and greater community
Campus Life held a reception on Jan. 28 for Food Exchange donors from the campus community as well as the overwhelming response received by contributors from throughout the Okanagan this year. After Event Magazine featured the UBC Okanagan Food Exchange on Nov. 30, more than $4,000 in donations came rolling in from Okanagan residents. From this article the Food Exchange received donations to help support hungry students until the end of the 2009-2010 academic year. At the reception Natasha Millan, Food Exchange coordinator, thanked donors and highlighted the importance of this program to the campus community.

Food Exchange donations are always being accepted -- non-perishable items can be dropped off in the UBC Okanagan Students' Union office in the Student Service Centre building. For more information about the Food Exchange, contact Leanne Perry, Campus Life Coordinator, at 79012.

Equity Enhancement Fund submissions now being considered
The Mar. 15 application deadline for the Equity Enhancement Fund is fast approaching and members of the campus community are encouraged to submit their ideas as soon as possible. "We really want to encourage anyone on campus to submit their ideas," says Nythalah Baker, Equity Advisor.  "This fund was created to help campus community members get funding for new initiatives designed to enhance equity at the university."

Funding up to $5,000 is available for new initiatives, with separate funds established for the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses. Funds are allocated by Tom Patch, Associate Vice President Equity, in consultation with the Deputy Vice Chancellor's Committee on Human Rights and Equity.

Funding is available to any academic or administrative unit, with the endorsement of the unit head. Proposals are reviewed twice each year. The next application is Sunday, Mar. 15.

For guidelines and application information visit the Human Rights and Equity Services website. For more information, or to submit a funding proposal, contact Tom Patch, AVP Equity.

International and second-language services survey now online
A new online survey by International Student Services and the Academic Resource Centre aims to explore ways in which UBC Okanagan can augment efforts to make our campus more welcoming to students from diverse backgrounds. The survey is now online on the Academic Resource Centre website and members of the campus community are encouraged to provide their input.

Results from this series of consultations will be reviewed and shared with the UBC Okanagan community in late March. This consultation is funded by the Human Rights and Equity Services' Equity Enhancement Fund and forms part of a consultation program currently in process at UBC Okanagan.

For more information contact Cindy Bourne, Academic Resource Centre coordinator, at 78065.

Coming Soon: Workplace Experiences Survey
The voice and culture of UBC is shaped by the priorities and concerns of our faculty and staff.  These voices and feedback determined the five key strategies of the Focus on People workplace practices. With the launch of UBC's first Workplace Experiences Survey, UBC continues its goal to be receptive and responsive to faculty and staff needs.

All faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in the Workplace Experiences Survey, beginning on Feb. 23.  The online survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and as much feedback as possible is needed to reflect the diverse priorities that will go toward building a better workplace.  The survey opens Monday, Feb. 23, and closes on Wednesday, Mar. 18.

Survey results will be released to the UBC community in the summer.

For more information about the survey, visit the Focus on People website. For questions regarding the survey, please contact Peter Godman, Organizational Development and Learning Consultant, at 28115 or e-mail employee.survey@mercer.com

The survey is an initiative of UBC's Focus on People: Workplace Practices at UBC framework.

Okanagan Senate meeting highlights: Feb. 11
The Okanagan Senate is regularly passing important items. To better inform the campus community, highlights of these items will be posted on the Okanagan Senate website following each scheduled meeting. Highlights from the Feb. 11 meeting include:

Approved Curriculum from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

  • New courses: CHEM 424 (3) Organometallic Catalysts; CHEM 426 (3) Advanced Inorganic Synthesis; PSYO 509 (3) Directed Studies in Psychology

New Awards

  • One new student achievement award was approved totaling $1,000 in support for second-, third- or fourth-year students at UBC Okanagan.

Admission to UBC Okanagan

  • Revisions to visiting student classification: eligibility for visiting student status at UBC Okanagan expanded.
  • Degree program changes: the evaluation date for current UBC Okanagan students who apply to change campus or programs has been moved to January/February.
  • Canadian Aboriginal Applicants: the application process and criteria for Canadian Aboriginal applicants were clarified and amended.
  • English language admission standards changed: minimum English language test scores requirement must now be met in a single sitting of the test.

For more information about these Senate highlights contact Kelly Ross, Manager, Okanagan Senate Secretariat, at 79259.

Campus Life expands with Campus Activities Desk and International Collegium
The Campus Activities Desk is now open in the Student Service Centre foyer. This new Campus Life service provides event listings and information about daily happenings on campus, as well as friendly faces to answer any questions.  All members of the campus community are invited to advertise on-campus events -- just leave a poster, flyer, or other advertisement with the assistants at the activities desk.

UBC Okanagan's first Collegium is now also open. Located in the Fipke Centre, room FIP251, the International Collegium opened with great success in January as a home away from home for students on campus. Feedback has been enthusiastic, describing the International Collegium as a comfortable and welcoming space for students on campus.  Events hosted by student Collegia Assistants in January were also well-attended.

Three more Collegia will open in the University Centre -- the first will be for first- and second-year students, the second will be for upper-level students, and the third will be dedicated to Aboriginal students.

For more information about the Collegia Program visit the Campus Life website or contact Leanne Perry, Campus Life Coordinator, at 79012.

Second round of Barber school grad photo sessions being held March 3-4
Graduating students of the Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences will have another opportunity to get grad photos taken on Mar. 3 and 4. 

Sign-up sheets are available in front of room ART223 in the Arts building -- sign up early for grad photos session, as drop-ins are allowed but preference will be given to those who have signed up beforehand.  Drop-ins will be photographed only if time permits.

For more information contact Fine Photography  at 250-769-1414.

T4 & T4A slips now available online
UBC Financial Services Payroll has now issued T4 and T4A slips online through Faculty and Staff Self Service. These PDF slips can be used to calculate RSP contribution room, are identical to the printed form and are accepted by CRA when filing your taxes. Paper slips will not be mailed in future to employees who choose this option. 

For more information visit the UBC Okanagan Finance website.

New colours for metal patinas are being developed by researchers Prof. Stephen McNeil and fourth-year undergraduate Ashley Devantier -- photo by Tim Swanky

New patinas bridge science and art
Imagine a purple Statue of Liberty, dressed in a canary-yellow robe, holding a bright red flame.

The artistic concept is in the scientific works, thanks to research by Ashley Devantier, a fourth-year UBC Okanagan student using chemistry to create more colour options for artists working with patinas.

A patina is a coloured coating on the surface of bronze or similar metals, often produced naturally by oxidation over a long period -- such as the blue-green colour on the Statute of Liberty's copper surfaces. Artificial patinas are used by artists to add an antique look or feel to their artwork, but these artificial patinas have their drawbacks: they're confined to a very limited colour palette (usually blue-green) and often use highly toxic or hazardous compounds.


Animal Voices interview with Jodey Castricano
Jodey Castricano, associate professor in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies at UBC Okanagan and Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics at Oxford University, was interviewed on Jan. 20 by Animal Voices, an animal liberation radio show broadcasting on Toronto's CIUT 89.5 FM.

In her new edited anthology, Animal Subjects: An Ethical Reader in a Posthuman World, Castricano and other contributors examine the limits of humanism and challenge the traditional purview of cultural studies. In the Animal Voices interview, Castricano describes the tangible ethical and political consequences of such intellectual work for animals, and the importance of empathy in these approaches. As she stresses, it's not just animals' treatment but also their subjectivity that matters a great deal.

The interview with host Lauren Corman is available for download in two MP3s -- it's about 50 minutes long and covers a lot of ground.

To listen to Castricano's Animal Subjects interview visit the Animal Voices website.

Spotlight on natural products this week
Susan Murch, Canada Research Chair in Natural Products Chemistry at UBC Okanagan, and other global leaders in natural health products (NHP) research meet this week in Vancouver for the Gateway to Wellness conference of the Natural Health Products Research Society of Canada (NHPRS). Murch is vice-president of NHPRS and co-chair of the conference, along with Paula Brown, director of applied research in biosciences at BCIT.

The conference, Feb. 18  to 21, will explore breakthroughs in understanding the factors that determine how people respond to NHPs, and share research about identifying safe and effective natural health products from among the thousands of choices currently available to Canadians.

"It's an exciting time to be conducting research in this area because of the new technologies that allow us to understand individual differences in genetic make-up, nutrition and how the chemistry of plants, microbes and other NHPs can affect human health," says Murch.

More about the conference is available at: www.nhprs.ca

To read about one of Susan Murch's current research projects -- the study of breadfruit -- visit the UBC Reports website.

Engineering students Scott Ghomeshi and Chris Lambert through the metal frame of the UBCO Motorsports race car they and classmates are building

UBC Okanagan students build Formula race car for California competition
UBC Okanagan engineering students are raising funds to travel to California in June with a Formula-style race car they have designed and constructed for the Formula SAE international student design competition.

Fourth-year Engineering student Scott Ghomeshi first discovered the competition during a trip to the UBC campus in Vancouver where, as a first-year student, he saw a very cool-looking car that was in the midst of being built for the contest.

"I told myself I wanted to build something like that," says Ghomeshi. "And I kept it in the back of my mind until about January of last year, when I decided to recruit some people and enter us in to the event. We wrote up a proposal, and with the support of the School of Engineering and its faculty, UBCO Motorsports was formed."

Already more than a year in the making, UBCO Motorsports consists of more than 20 students from Engineering as well as the Faculty of Management.


International Student Community Achievement Award Snapshot
Glenn Yang is one of three winners in 2008 of the International Student Community Achievement Award.  The fourth-year psychology student came to Kelowna in 2005 after serving for two years as a medic in the Singapore Armed Forces and attending a regional college in Miami, Florida.

"I was looking at all of my post-secondary options throughout the U.S. and Canada, and of all the schools I gained admittance to, UBC seemed to be the most accessible and the most interested in having me," explains Glenn.  "UBC has a good reputation, and Kelowna has a real laid-back atmosphere. After growing up in Singapore, and living in Miami, I was looking for a change of environment."

"The International Student Community Achievement Award recognizes international students who contribute to our local community and maintain a strong academic average," says International Student Advisor Terri Flanagan. "Glenn has contributed to the campus community in a number of ways -- volunteering at student orientations and at the Wellness centres on campus as a research assistant.  He's really focused on helping to promote healthy lifestyle choices for students at UBC Okanagan and has really earned this award."

Nominations for this year's International Student Community Achievement Award are open until Friday, Mar. 13. Faculty members interested in nominating an international student for this award can contact Terri Flanagan at 79276. 

Glenn can also be seen on one of UBCO.TV's latest stories showcasing the International Student Community Achievement award.

Robin Whittall joins Career Services
Career Services will soon have a new Career Advisor in Robin Whittall.

After a year and a half in the role as Office Manager for Student Information and Services, she is moving up the Student Service Centre hallway to help students realize their career strengths, options, and paths.

Robin is a facilitator for True Colours and the Strong Interest Inventory, and is as a long-time volunteer coordinator and environmental science educator.  During the past 25 years, she worked at the Vancouver Aquarium, the Royal Ontario Museum, spending 13 of those years as Education Director at the Sacramento Zoo in California.  She was also coordinator for the 2007 Kelowna Fat Cat Children's Festival.

Robin has a Bachelor of General Studies degree in biology and education from Simon Fraser University and a Master's degree in museum studies from the University of Toronto, which included a three-month internship at the Organization of Tropical Studies La Selva research station in the primary rain forests of Costa Rica.

Exchange your information
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February 18, 2009


Black history celebrated at UBC Okanagan Feb. 25
Three writers and poets are featured in Writing/Talking/Dubbing -- a Celebration of Black History at UBC Okanagan on Feb. 25.  Presenters are celebrated writers and poets Olive Senior, Kevan Cameron and David Odhiambo.

This celebration of Black history is produced by the Kelowna Immigrant Society in cooperation with UBC Okanagan's School of Social Work with support from the Department of Critical Studies, and the Human Rights and Equity Services Office.

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 25
Time: 2:30 to 5 p.m.
Location: Library Building, Room LIB305

For more information visit the online event listing or contact Shirley Chau, assistant professor in the School of Social Work, at 78739.

Group critique with Briar Craig
Working in a vacuum? Need some creative input? Join Associate Professor Briar Craig for a group critique on Sunday, Feb. 22 in Vernon's Gallery Vertigo.

Interested participants may bring one to three pieces of their work for feedback and discussion from a UBC Okanagan expert in screenprinting, lithography, mixed media drawing, and electronic media.

Date: Sunday, Feb. 22
1 to 4 p.m.
Location: Gallery Vertigo -- #1 (upstairs) 3001-31st St., Vernon

This event is free for North Okanagan Artists Alternative members and $5 for non-members. To register please call the Gallery Vertigo at 250-503-2297.

Job Fair 2009
UBC Okanagan Career Services is giving students and employers an opportunity to help themselves at this year's Job Fair, Mar. 10 in the Gymnasium. 

"This annual event connects UBC Okanagan students with over 30 employers," says Shawn Swallow, Associate Director of Career Services. "That's exposure to over 5,300 potential employees that interested employers can make connections with, and search out possible short- and long-term opportunities."

Date: Tuesday, Mar. 10
Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Location: UBC Okanagan Gymnasium

Job Fair 2009 is free and open to all UBC Okanagan students. For more information visit the Job Fair 2009 website or contact Career Services at 79250.

Thursday Games Night
Have tons of fun on Thursday nights this semester at the International Collegium's Games Night. Game Night activities range from the ever popular Nintendo Wii and Dance Dance Revolution, to classics such as Chess and Scrabble. This series runs from 4:30 to 7 p.m. every Thursday and interested campus community members are invited to participate, bring their own games, or go creative and invent your own.

Thursday Games Night is free and open to the campus community. Light snacks will also be provided.

For more information stop by the International Collegium in the Fipke Centre, room FIP251, or contact Collegia Assistant Daniel Gonzalez or Brianne Berchowitz, Students Events Coordinator. International Collegium Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

International feature film Fridays
Award-winning international films are being screened for free at UBC Okanagan this semester. International Feature Film Fridays is a new weekly series put on by the staff at the new International Collegium in the Fipke Centre. All screenings are award-winning international films, each followed by a guided discussion from Collegium staff.

This series is free and open to the campus community. Light snacks will be provided.

For more information stop by the International Collegium in the Fipke Centre, room FIP251, or contact Collegia Assistant Julian Torres. Collegium Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

What's Happening at
UBC Okanagan
The What's Happening events webpage is the central point for online information about university-related events, on and off campus. Visit this page often for information about interesting speakers, people doing things on campus, or groups recognizing a national day of celebration or social action. 

Events at a Glance:

Monday, Feb. 23
The Deputy Vice Chancellor's Lecture Series: Issues of Our Time

Thursday, Feb. 26

Adventures in Chemistry, Catalysis, and Creation

Thursday, Feb. 26

Poetry and Science in the Age of Copernicus

Thursday, Feb. 26

The Geography of Hope

Tuesday, March 3 and Wednesday, March 4

Barber School Grad Photo Sessions

For a full listing of UBC Okanagan events visit the What's Happening page.

Complimentary health screening day: round two

A second complimentary health screening day is being provided to all staff and faculty on Thursday, Feb. 26. Choose from a number of free screenings such as bone density, blood glucose, blood pressure, body mass index, and skin/sun - all are provided by qualified registered nurses assisted by students from the School of Nursing. 

Date: Thursday, Feb. 26
Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Location: Student Service Centre building, DVC Boardroom
Registration: register online for this event. This event is free and open to the public but pre-registration is required.  

For more information visit the Office of Workplace Health and Sustainability website.

Lunch and learn: coping with change in the workplace
This spring the Office of Workplace Health and Sustainability is pleased to offer an ongoing Health and Wellness Lunch and Learn Series in partnership with Human Solutions, UBC's new Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provider. The next session in this series is about coping with change in the workplace.

Change can be a major source of stress for both individuals and organizations. Each passing day, new careers, opportunities, and achievements are created by people who don't just survive change, they embrace it. This workshop explores the change process and strategies for coping effectively with change.

This workshop is free and open to all faculty and staff.  Deadline for registration is Monday, Mar. 2.

Date: Wednesday, Mar. 11
Time: 12 noon to 1 p.m., or 2 to 3 p.m.
Location: Student Service Centre building, DVC Boardroom
To register: online registration is required

New course: A creative writing buffet
Bring your big writer's appetite. Tuck into a tantalizing sampling of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and short story writing in this one-day smorgfest. Feast on the abundance of opportunity to indulge your creative senses. A delicious day indeed.

Date: Saturday Feb. 21
Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Location: Arts building, room ART202
Cost: $149 + GST

New course: a memoir-writing primer
Wondering how to get started pulling those family memoirs together? This one-day workshop will help you get started while offering tips on getting organized, researching your family tree, choosing what to include and how to include it, as well as exploring what you want for a finished product. It’s hands-on, informal, fun and a great way to get started on this important project.

Date: Saturday Feb. 28
Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Location: Arts building, room ART202
Cost: $149 + GST

To register, or for more information about these workshops, visit the Community and Continuing Studies website.

Understanding Financial Risks and Internal Controls
This workshop will be of interest to all unit heads and financial officers as it provides the tools necessary to manage financial risks of the unit and also support the 2008-2009 Financial Statement Certification Program. The training is designed in a case study format and is very interactive.

Date: Tuesday, Mar. 17
Time: 9 a.m. to 12 noon
Location: Library building, room LIB302
To register: contact Gabriel Gock, Accounts Payable.

UBCO.TV Spotlight

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