UBC Okanagan Global Message

This email is being sent to all faculty and staff at UBC's Okanagan campus on behalf of the UBC Okanagan Resumption Planning and Coordination Committee.

COVID-19: Resumption activities and updates

This regular Global email is sent to faculty and staff at UBC Okanagan to highlight institutional information pertaining to campus resumption, and to provide updates that are specific to the successful, safe return of the UBC Okanagan campus community.

Dear colleagues,

You likely noticed that, while this is the 12th edition of our resumption update, we did not distribute a communication at the end of October. As we move into the winter season after a successful resumption to campus during the fall, we will share plans as needed, rather than on a set schedule.

Today’s update will focus on event planning and improved guidance on when and how to submit safe event plans.

As always, if you have questions that are specific to the pandemic, resumption planning or health and safety on campus, you can contact ready.ok@ubc.ca. We further encourage you to check the UBC Okanagan COVID-19 website regularly as we make every effort to post the latest information as it becomes available.

Planning for events and social gatherings

There are a number of general guidelines that are available on the Finance and Operations booking and events page.

Some of the events that include detailed recommendations are social events with fewer than—as well as more than—50 people attending, flow-through or drop-in events and outdoor events.

General considerations for events

Not all members of the community are comfortable with face-to-face or in-person gatherings. Organizers should consider inclusive, virtual options.

Make space bookings and contact service departments (i.e. UBCO IT, Food Services, Facilities Management) as early as possible. Some departments may have less availability to support meetings and events than in previous years.

The EME's lower section of the Richard S. Hallisey Atrium and ADM upper foyer are available for social events after December 8. Organizers must ensure that event-specified space is separated from the normal traffic flow of the building via stanchions, signage, or other delineators.

  • ADM foyer: 35 people
  • EME's lower section of the Richard S. Hallisey Atrium: 80 people

Events that do not require Safe Event Plans

The Resumption Planning and Coordination Committee (RPCC) has reviewed current event planning guidelines and has determined that meetings held in the course of regular work duties, as well as student information panels, study groups and sessions, do not require safe event plans. These include student prayer groups, information booths and student gatherings (e.g. movie screenings, watch parties, etc.)

Attendees will need to follow additional guidelines depending on the activity. For more information on requirements and exceptions, please visit the UBCO Finance and Operations bookings and events page.

Off-campus events

Events happening off-campus must meet the requirements of all applicable health orders. Organizers should be aware that some venues may have additional protocols in place, such as vaccine passport requirements.

Those planning off-campus events are free to use the UBCO Safe Event Plan template as a resource, but are not required to submit their plans for review.

Lastly, please remember that public health requirements could change at any time, so flexibility in planning is key.

More information on UBCO bookings and events guidelines can be found on the Finance and Operations page.

Staying Home when unwell

As a reminder, campus rules require daily health checks by anyone attending campus. If you are unwell, please stay home. More information about campus rules is available on the UBCO COVID-19 Health & Safety Requirements page.

Mental health supports

As we finalize our transition to working on campus, keep in mind there is a variety of wellness supports available to faculty and staff. If you have any questions or require additional information, please connect with your supervisor or Human Resources advisor.

On behalf of the RPCC, we’d like to thank you again for your continued diligence, hard work and patience. Together we are welcoming our community as they return to campus. 

Our next message to you will be shared when needed, but in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out via email with any questions to ready.ok@ubc.ca.


Shelley Kayfish
Director, Campus Operations and Risk Management
Co-chair, UBC Okanagan Resumption Planning and Coordination Committee

Prof. Michael Burgess
Associate Provost, Strategy, UBC Okanagan
Professor and Chair in Biomedical Ethics, School of Population and Public Health, UBC Faculty of Medicine
Co-chair, UBC Okanagan Resumption Planning and Coordination Committee