UBC Okanagan Global Message

This email is being sent to all faculty and staff at UBC's Okanagan campus on behalf of the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal.

DVC Town Hall Q&A recap

On Thursday, May 14, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal held the annual spring Town Hall where updates were shared on how our university community is managing new ways of doing things, adapting to the current reality and planning for the future.

A lively Q&A session followed the updates and a written recap of the Q&A has been prepared. Although many of the questions were answered live, time did not allow for every question to be answered and some responses were gathered following the Town Hall. The questions have been grouped by theme (Students, Safety and Operations and Human Resources).

Minor edits have been made to those that were addressed live for the sake of clarity and brevity.

Read the Town Hall Q&A recap

View the full recording of the DVC Town Hall

Provost Town Hall

On May 21, the Provost and Vice-President, Academic hosted a town hall that covered a variety of topics including enrolment, service delivery and preparing UBC Okanagan for Winter Term programs.

View the full recording of the Provost Town Hall