UBC Okanagan Global Message

This email is being sent to all faculty and staff at UBC's Okanagan campus on behalf of the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal.

UBC Okanagan update

March 30, 2020

Among UBC Okanagan’s many wonderful strengths are our close connections and strong sense of community on campus. Those connections are not as easy to maintain with many of us working from home, assisting students and delivering courses remotely, but I am heartened by our community’s strong and agile response to unprecedented challenges.

Our work to ensure the university’s mission continues is a critically important reassurance that today’s students will not be left behind in the wake of COVID-19. Moreover, our collective response, both at UBC and our sister institutions across the post-secondary sector, is an important demonstration of stability for the communities we serve in turbulent times.

To support your daily work, whether you are at home or need to be on campus, the following is a recap of recent updates and resources that may be useful as you and your students navigate the various modifications being made in service delivery.

Thank you all for the dedication you have shown thus far, both to the university and to one another. Please be safe and well, and support each other and our fellow community members as much as possible.

We will get through this together. In the meantime, we will continue to provide updates as information is available.

Prof. Deborah Buszard
UBC Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Principal, UBC Okanagan


Last week, UBC confirmed that we will come together online to celebrate graduation for our students. There are also plans to hold an in-person graduation ceremony when it is safe to do so. On Friday, Santa Ono released a letter to the UBC community with details.

Stay informed

For the latest updates on Okanagan campus-specific services, see ok.ubc.ca/covid19.

Please also continue to visit www.ubc.ca, the authoritative source of COVID-19 information, updates, and communications from the university.

What’s open on campus?

UBC Okanagan is limiting access to certain campus spaces to allow custodial resources to focus on enhanced cleaning in areas of the many buildings that remain open.

See building access and hours.

Social distancing reminder

Give yourself space and reduce close contact. Keep 2 metres between you and others.

Mental health and wellbeing

Several new faculty and staff resources for wellbeing while working from home will be available in the coming days. See maintaining mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19.

To receive more info, sign up for the Healthy UBC newsletter at: www.hr.ubc.ca/healthy-ubc-newsletter

Reminder for VPN users

UBCO IT would like to remind faculty and staff working remotely to use an Okanagan connection when using the UBC Virtual Private Network. Please minimize the usage of the VPN where possible and limit audio and video streaming (YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, etc). 

To find out more, visit: news.ok.ubc.ca/exchange/2020/03/18/reminder-for-okanagan-vpn-users

Where to find more answers?

The UBC Okanagan COVID-19 information website includes the most current information on modified campus services. Learn more at: ok.ubc.ca/covid19

Other useful online resources:

Key contacts

For a current and comprehensive list of contacts visit ok.ubc.covid19