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Information about COVID-19 reporting

Faculty and staff have asked about the university’s protocol for sharing information about COVID-19 cases.

In the event of a confirmed student, faculty or staff case, information would be provided to the public, if needed, and to the Director, Heath and Wellness, if needed, by Interior Health’s public health team, according to their protocols. Interior Health’s public health team is responsible for contact tracing, identifying, and advising individuals who need to be notified.

Privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance when managing information as it relates to student, faculty and staff health. To ensure information is shared on a need-to-know basis with the established UBC programs and departments, the university’s process for notification is established to meet the following objectives.

  • Understand impact on our campus community
  • Ensure students, faculty and staff have the resources and information they require
  • Ensure Deans/heads/directors/managers have the resources, support and advice they require


  • Presumptive/Confirmed cases: positive test
  • Self-isolating/symptomatic: no testing (symptoms)

Notification process

Staff/Faculty aware of students’ presumptive/symptomatic cases report to Health and Wellness through Early Alert (Roger Wilson, Phil Matte in Health and Wellness). Health and Wellness will then reach out to the student and offer support at the student’s preference.

Faculty and staff
Deans/heads/managers aware of faculty or staff presumptive/symptomatic cases report to carleigh.benoit@ubc.ca, manager of the Work Reintegration and Accommodation Program (WRAP) in Human Resources. WRAP will assist in providing support to the supervisor and employee as required.

Managing teams working from home

UBC Human Resources has posted a variety of information and FAQs for managers and supervisors related to managing people working remotely, including:

Please encourage your teams to consider upcoming activities and resources to support faculty and staff mental health and wellbeing, including: 

For other resources and activities, see Maintaining Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Okanagan campus key contacts for managers

covid19.ubc.ca continues to be the authoritative information source for UBC. For UBC Okanagan-specific updates, visit ok.ubc.ca/covid19.