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Okanagan Campus Global Message
This email is being sent to all faculty and staff at UBC's Okanagan campus on behalf of Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal Deborah Buszard.

Okanagan units realigning following Student Services review

On February 20, the Okanagan campus was informed that a comprehensive review of the Student Services portfolio was complete, and that recommendations from that review would be considered over the next six months.

Both internal and external reviewers recognized the tremendous strengths and successes of the Student Services portfolio, and provided a variety of recommendations and guidance for future development of the portfolio’s high-quality services.

As a result of the recommendations and subsequent discussions, the following changes are being implemented this week to best serve the needs of Okanagan campus students.

  • Okanagan units including the Deputy Registrar, Student Recruitment and Advising, and Admissions will report to the Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Services and Registrar, with a secondary report to the Provost, Okanagan. The International Student Initiative (ISI) reports to the Provost. These reporting relationships align Enrolment Services and ISI across both campuses.
  • Ancillary services currently within the Student Services portfolio will report to the Associate Vice-President, Finance and Operations. These units include Student Housing and Hospitality Services, Conferences and Accommodations, and Food Services.

Consolidation and improved coordination

These changes will lead to more strategic alignment for admissions, recruiting and registrar’s activities across both UBC campuses, and allow the Student Services portfolio to intensify its focus on providing an outstanding campus life and student experience for all students on our campus.

As well, these changes will consolidate the Okanagan campus’ ancillary services under the AVP Finance and Operations portfolio. The realignment will build on the many strengths inherent within the individual business units while allowing for more efficient and coordinated delivery of services.

More details on these changes will follow in the near future.

Graduate student needs

Among the review’s other recommendations was a greater emphasis on graduate student support. As an initial step in this direction, in March a graduate student forum was held, with a view to developing a comprehensive plan to better support the needs of graduate students.

I invite you to review the reports of the internal review committee and the external reviewers:

I want to thank all who have developed the review’s recommendations into actions for enhancing the quality of student life on our campus, establishing a more effective environment for our ancillary business units, and bringing important UBC-wide functions into greater strategic alignment across both campuses.

We will continue to keep you informed as the review’s recommendations are considered over the next several months.

Deborah Buszard
UBC Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Principal, Okanagan Campus